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Why Us?

Your Premier Choice for Expert Tree Care and Property Enhancement

As a leader in the tree care industry, our objective is to preserve Georgia's trees and plant life, protect property, and educate our clients on proper tree care. We aim to reduce hazardous conditions, maintain health and vigor in trees to prevent decline and provide homeowners with programs or suggestions for the maintenance or their trees. Our team comprises certified arborists and skilled members equipped with the knowledge, education, and background to offer a wealth of expertise to ensure top-tier tree services grounded in integrity and proficiency.



Committed To Upholding a Competitive Edge

Tree care pricing can vary significantly.
Our aim is to provide tree services at competitive rates, and we are willing to explore our pricing further after reviewing quotes from competitors.


Client-Centered Approach

Alongside their comprehensive training in tree work, our
arborists and crew members prioritize attentiveness to each client's requests and needs. We
strive to accommodate special customer requests while working within designated areas.


Project Coordination

We collaborate with homeowners and landscape designers on tailor-
made projects. Many comprehensive landscape designs involve addressing trees, which may be overgrown or neglected. We specialize in transforming these trees to ensure designers achieve a cohesive vision.

Built On Referrals

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction at every turn. Our arborists and crew members are dedicated to nurturing lasting connections. They are attentive, treating your trees and surroundings with care and respect throughout pruning, removal and stump grinding operations.

Handling County Ordinances and Permitting

If requested or needed, we handle the paperwork! Our team is well-versed in local Georgia tree removal ordinances and permits, ensuring a seamless process for you.

Careful Service Delivery

Following even the most intricate removals, your landscape remains minimally impacted. We engage in detailed discussions about the job's operations before commencement, ensuring you're well-informed about our approach. After removal of larger tree debris, we undertake a thorough cleanup, encompassing disposal of smaller debris, as well as raking and blowing sawdust off driveways and pathways.

Maintaining Standards

Our workers are trained to be compliant with ANSI Z133.1 safety regulations as required by OSHA and pruning is performed according to the ANSI A300
techniques for your peace of mind.

Let GreenSmith Tree Specialists enhance the beauty and safety of your
property. Call now for a free quote and experience the difference firsthand!

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