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Our team of highly skilled arborists possesses the expertise and knowledge to handle all aspects of tree care. From routine maintenance to complex tree removals, we offer professional solutions tailored to your specific needs. Scroll down to learn about each of the many services we offer while previewing real images of our crew working in the field! If you have any questions or concerns regarding our tree care services be sure to call 770-368-0072 for assistance and clarification.

Additional Services To Suit All Needs


Lightning Protection

One vital aspect of tree care is lightning protection.

Lightning protection is a proactive measure designed to safeguard your trees from the damaging effects of lightning strikes. Trees, depending on their height and level of exposure to the elements, are vulnerable to lightning strikes during storms. Such strikes can cause severe damage, including tree splitting, bark explosion, and even tree death. Our lightning protection services involve the installation of specialized equipment to minimize the risk of lightning damage to your trees. This involves a thorough assessment of the tree, creating a customized lightning protection program, carefully installing the system, then providing a maintenance service to ensure continued effectiveness. 

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been removed, we can grind down the stump to surface level to eliminate any tripping hazards, allowing for a smooth, clear landscape. Our equipment ensures efficient stump removal without causing damage to the surrounding area. We also provide free wood chips!

Cabling and Bracing

Our professional cabling and bracing services offer an effective technique to strengthen and preserve trees. This specialized method involves the installation of supportive hardware to provide structural stability and reduce the risk of failure. Our team employs this technique to safeguard valuable trees, maintain the integrity of your trees, prolong their lifespan, and enhance safety within your property.

Retention Pond Cleanup 

Over time, retention ponds can accumulate debris, sediment, vegetation, and other organic materials, leading to various issues. If left unkept, these issues can affect the pond's functionality, water quality, and visual appeal. Our service can range from debris removal and sediment dredging to vegetation management. We aim to maintain a well-functioning retention pond that contributes to a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment. 

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