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Pricing for our tree services is dependent on the complexity of the project, accessibility to the trees, and any additional factors that may arise during the site visit. This is because tree and plant care requirements can vary significantly based on a number of factors including tree species, size, and condition. To accurately determine the cost of our services, we require a site visit to assess your trees and discuss your specific needs before offering a final price or starting a job. Contact us anytime to set up an appointment! 

Our pricing method includes:

Site Visit/Consultation: Due to the nature of our work, we require our customers to contact us to schedule a site visit or consultation before any work is started. During this visit, the arborist on site will carefully examine your trees, assess their health, evaluate any potential risks, and discuss your tree care goals with you. A site visit or drive by from one of our arborists' is free of charge and lasts up to thirty minutes. If A consultation is needed or if your appointment goes over the allotted time for the appointment, our starting rate begins at $75 per hour with one of our arborists. If the consult is requested to be put into writing by the client, this will cost $125.

Proposal: Based on the information gathered during the site visit, we will create a detailed proposal specifically targeting your tree care needs. The proposal will outline the recommended services. This can range from tree trimming and pruning to removal or other necessary treatments such as pest/disease control. Our proposals include the price of all work necessary. However, if the client is in need of an itemized proposal, our associates can provide a breakdown of all prices associated with each service for the customer to review.​​

Review and Approval: Once the proposal is drawn up, we will present it to you for review. After you have reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with the recommended services and pricing, we will request your signature on the agreement. This signed agreement serves as authorization to proceed with the outlined tree care services. No work will be started until the proposal is accepted and we schedule a date with the client.


​​Work Completion: Once the proposal is signed, our experienced tree care professionals will schedule the work and carry out the services as outlined in the proposal. Once completed, payment for all work done on your property will be required. Customers have the option to pay online, by phone, or through check/cash. 


Paying Online: Our new online payment option is intended to offer a convenient and secure way of paying for our customers. This method of payment is connected to each invoice that is sent to our clients upon completion of the work. From there, clients can access our payment portal with all information pertaining to what is owed with a break down of each service provided. Clients have an e-check option available or can pay regularly via credit/debit card through our payment portal. Each payment is due upon receipt. Please note that credit card transactions incur a 3% surcharge fee. ACH and debit card transactions do not incur this fee.

Other Methods of Payment: We alternatively accept payments by check which can be mailed to P.O. Box 27 Norcross Ga, 30091, with cash, or by calling our office at 770-368-0072. 

​Transparent Pricing: Our company aims to make our pricing structure transparent and fair. We offer competitive pricing while ensuring high quality of work and adherence to industry standards.  

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